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Main Material: Plastics and Metal

Size: 36 x 35mm

30 x 30mm mounting pattern

Weight: 6.9g (with right angle header pins)


10 channel outputs

Up to 3 adc inputs for rssi

GPS capable for functions such as RTH (Return To Home), Position Hold and Waypoint navigation in conjunction with a ground station.

Mavlink compatible for the use of telemetry radios for use with a ground station to provide location information and waypoint navigation.

Barometric pressure sensor on board for accurate altitude hold indoors or out

9 dof accelerometer / gyro for the absolute quickest and most accurate angle recognition and correction.2 serial ports

PPM only – SBus Support and DSM2/x support with user selectable 3.3V or 5V setting.

Camera stabilization output for 3 axis

Available with 90 degree header pins and straight header pins for easy installation no matter what your frame needs.


Compact design, perfect for small UAV’s where space is limited.

Also excellent in larger machines.

Designed by Peabody124 for Tau Labs and built it here using the same stringent inspection and manufacturing methods used for our aerospace and customers.

All sensors in Sparky are genuine, no cloned sensors here. These two factors together equal the highest quality flight controller on the market today.

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